PME Workshops

Single Stick - Solo Baston (Basic - Intermediate - Advanced)

Focus of these workshops is to learn and develop more dynamic and applicable single stick techniques.

Double Stick - Doble Baston (Basic - Intermediate - Advanced)

Focus of these workshops is to learn and develop more dynamic and applicable double stick techniques.

Bladed - Labaha (Intermediate - Advanced)

Workshops develop advanced hand techniques that translate to daga or dagger work. Focus on disarms and counters.

Empty Hand - PaaMano (Basic - Intermediate - Advanced)

Develop close quarter defensive and offensive strategy. Focus on JKD concepts, energy redirection, sweeps and takedowns.

Dances/Forms - Sayaw (Basic - Intermediate - Advanced)

Learn the PME sayaws (forms) from beginning level to advanced. Forms incorporate single stick, double sticks, empty hand, dagger, and barron techniques.

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About Roland Ferrer

Roland Ferrer began his formal training in the martial arts in 1973 and is an internationally recognized 7th degree Black Belt. He began the formal study of the Filipino Martial Arts at the original Kali Academy of Dan Inosanto & Richard Bustillo in 1977. He was honored to be a resident athlete at the United States Olympic Training Center in 1988 going on to win the U.S. National Taekwondo Championships in the Middle Weight Division.

Roland Ferrer is an eternal student and has trained with some of the top masters in their martial arts fields in: JKD, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiujutsu, Judo, Wrestling, Western Boxing, Savate, Caporiera, Kendo, Kobudo for over 43 years.  He continues to enjoy learning new styles, meeting new masters and growing as a martial artist.

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Kick Dr Workshops

About The Kick Dr., Roland Ferrer

With 45 years of experience in competitive Taekwondo, both Open Style Tournaments and World Taekwondo Federation Tournaments, 24 years of experience in Kickboxing and Muay Thai and 27 years of coaching/training state, national, international and olympic athletes, Roland has the experience few teachers have. In his Kick Dr. Series, Roland shares his 45 plus years of martial arts experience in multiple styles and systems with the focus on kicking. His mastery is in being able to develop and teach the offensive, defensive and strategic application of any kicking technique.

About Roland's Kick Dr. Series in his own words: Why my Kick Dr. Series?

Series is about developing your kicks to their full potential and making your newly acquired repertoire of kicks an integral part of your fighting vocabulary. As they say 'knowledge is power'. The more knowledge you acquire in any subject the more power and confidence you'll have in it. The tools, techniques and application from my 45 plus years of experience will give you an edge whether it be for training fighters, prize fighting, street self-defense or for serious martial arts enthusiasts." The Art of Kicking is under utilized in the MMA world but is now starting to emerge.  Having spent  my entire martial arts career kicking, my understanding of this range is second nature and my ability to apply the most sophisticated kicks in the MMA arena is my niche.

Women's Empowerment / In the Flow Proprio

Women's Empowerment Basic 1 Workshop

Who would benefit from the Women's Empowerment Basic 1 
Workshop? Any woman that wants to gain more confidence in her ability to defend herself and in her ability to deal with her surroundings. There is a consciousness shift that happens when we learn that we are physically capable of protecting ourselves, our bodies and minds become powerful tools, not only for protection but also for personal growth. If you've ever wanted to learn how to apply simple yet potentially lifesaving hands-on self-defense techniques as well as to strengthen your personal feminine power the Basic 1 Workshop is for you.

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Self-Actualization thru Women's Empowerment Basic I Six Week Course

The Self-Actualization thru Women's Empowerment Basic I Six Week Course is a unique women’s self-defense & empowerment program that views the mind, body, emotions and spirit as equally important components to develop for personal growth and physical safety. 

Most of us were never taught how to use our bodies effectively to protect ourselves and/or our loved ones. Many of us think that due to our age, physical limitations or fitness level we can't learn to defend ourselves, but nothing is further from the truth. Regardless of our perceived limitations each one of us has the ability to learn how to be more physically self-reliant, effective and confident. There is an important paradigm shift in consciousness that happens when we realize that we are more powerful, resourceful and resilient than we thought. 

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In the Flow Proprio - Longevity, Vitality and Movement Workshop

This program is about prevention and redemption. The focus is on understanding our bodies and their needs through mindful movement, proprioception exercises, self-release work, breath and understanding. 

This class is open to adults from beginner levels to advanced levels of physical fitness. It is a foundational course created to help the student develop or recapture greater physical vitality and strength through developing greater mobility, balance and breath. While the work we will do is beneficial at any stage or fitness level, one need not be in prime shape to participate in this class. 

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The Inner-Child and Our Physical Body Workshop

The inner-child may also be referred to as the subconscious mind or the Unihilipi. Most of us have never given it (inner-child) a moments thought. We live our lives immersed in external stimuli and spend little to no time to check-in with our inner-self. 

Being neglectful of our internal state of affairs is deterimemtal to our physical and psychological wellbeing. 

Our subconscious is responsible for the function of the involuntary systems of our bodies. It also holds all of our memories, experiences and thoughts from the beginning of our creation. The concious mind is generally unaware of the workings of the subconscious yet it (the conscious mind) is directed and sustained by the the subconscious. 

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About Aurora Ferrer

Aurora is the owner of Mana Keepers', Dewdrops Images and co-owner of Kadan Martial Arts Studios. She is the founder of In the Flow Studios Arts & Body, Women's Empowerment and the creative director for PaaMano Eskrima Performing Arts.

She is the author of Dewdrops of Inspiration, Arco Iris del Ser, a contributing author to Miracles One at a Time and contributing poet to Complex Allegiances. 

The body/mind/spirit connection has always fascinated her. She has spent over 25 years as a martial arts practitioner and teacher, working with young children as well as adults and receiving the rank of 3rd degree Black Belt. She has spent the past 20 years studying, researching and practicing Reiki, Pilates, Structural Integration, proprioception and meditation.

She is a women's empowerment facilitator, photographer, creative director, Reiki master teacher, Pilates instructor, advocate for Women's Rights, Child Safety, Animal Rescue and Nature Conservation. She authors or co-authors nine blogs with a total readership of over 107,320 to date. Her readership encompasses many countries including: USA, Russia, Bosnia, United Saudi Emirates, India, Madagascar, China, France, The Philippines, Tahiti, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Samoa, Hungary and numerous others. 

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Kadante Ferrer & Hip Hop Martial Arts Workshops

Hip Hop Martial Arts Basics - Advanced

Hip Hop Martial Arts or HHMA workshops are a fusion of Hip Hop, weaponry, martial arts kicks, stances and hand techniques. For more info visit the HHMA website.

Martial Arts Tricking & Weapons

With Kadante's diverse movement background he is not only able to teach students new "tricks" and techniques but also helps them incorporate these new skills into their existing martial arts repertoire. Through his workshops and privates he has helped prepare students for creative forms competitions, Han Ma Dang's and shows.

About Kadante Ferrer

Kadante is the Founder of Hip Hop Martial Arts. He is lead instructor at Kadan Martial Arts and at PaaMano Eskrima. He has extensive background in weaponry, different martial arts styles, Hip Hop, and tricking.